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Since 2018, SimplexModels has sought to bring our customers the latest in 3D printing technology and move past the old way of manufacturing: We will propel ourselves into the future. Guided by an ever growing international community of graphic designers, 3D printer manufacturers, and dedicated hobbyists; this new method of creating the items we know and love will can become a reality. We believe in using 3D printing techniques from around the world to consistently stride to improve our methods. SimplexModels makes everything in small batches from our headquarters outside Detroit, MI.

3D Designs

SimplexModels wants to bring original prints, hand finished, and painted by our craftsman to every customer. We are big believers in the phrase “quality over quantity”. We want each and every design to reflect that belief and breath new light on old designs. One of our main goals is to provide fresh, innovative, and stylish designs at an affordable price. Most of all, we want to prove that affordable 3D printing and design is the future of manufacturing.


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"The new way to create."

— Imaginary Magazine

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3D Printing

Born on the east coast, the team behind SimplexModels all have an enormous passionate for new technology. Each and every team member brings with them a vital strength or skill needed for pushing our 3D printing capabilities to the limits. Our vision is to become pioneers in the 3D printing and design communities and lead our customers to a better manufacturing future. Building that future starts now!

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